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PEARL Awards Nigeria

The PEARL Awards is a not-for-profit initiative of CITC Group which coordinates the dual activities of the PEARL Awards Public Lecture and the Annual Awards Nite.

The PEARL (Performance Earning and Returns Leadership) Awards Project was instituted in 1995 with an annual Awards Nite, a forum to reward companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange for outstanding operational and stock performance, in order to enhance the vibrancy, growth and development of the Capital Market.

With a vision to be a world class respected awards institution, reputed for rewarding corporate excellence with unparalleled passion for objectivity, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) on the 8th of August, 2003, extended a formal endorsement to the initiative, in recognition of shared objective of upholding the integrity of the Nigerian Capital Market by enhancing healthy competition.

This in turn has made a smooth task, accomplishing the mission of rewarding excellence that will spur and challenge quoted companies to explore innovative and competitive approaches towards achieving outstanding performance and growth.

The PEARL Awards has recognized and rewarded over sixty quoted companies for outstanding operational and stock performance with eleven emerging as the highest awards winner of the stock market at different times.
The Awards is in three main categories: Sectoral Leadership; Market Excellence and Overall Highest Awards. The criteria for selecting winning companies are based on verifiable indices, facts and figures published in the Nigerian Stock Market Annual (NSMA).

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